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Danalogic 6

The Danalogic Legacy

Danalogic is a name familiar to all who have worked within NHS Audiology since the launch of MHAS in 1999.

Danalogic 163D
Danalogic 163D set the precedent for digital hearing instruments in the NHS, building a reputation for reliability, a great feature set, sound quality and design. Its ongoing popularity is due to this reputation and the fact that much of the technology in the 163D is still current 7 years later!

Danalogic 6 – without compromise
2005 saw the launch of Danalogic 6 the pioneering replacement for the 163D. Danalogic 6 maintains the key principals of reliability, feature set, sound quality and design and integrates them with the most up to date technology. Practical features such as volume control and DAI are retained while innovations such as advanced Data-logging and Open Fit options have been introduced to ensure maximum efficiency without compromising the audiological solution.

Danalogic 6 ensures that the valuable legacy first created by the 163D continues.



Danalogic 6
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